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No more onedirection stuff on my dash, please and thank you, God. Came back after a hiatus and bam, it was swallowed by the stuff. I really don’t understand why a rp account is a onedirection blog. Self insertion character much? I really don’t care what you are into but when it starts to spam me and bother me, that’s when I care. There is a difference between a rp blog and your character liking a band/singer and then YOU obsessing over a band and through self insertion having your character feel your obsession. But self insertion ocs aren’t really even characters anyways. They are just an extension of whoever you are, with all your low self esteem points and fears. That’s why when someone insults your OC you will get so mad… because you don’t know how to seperate the two, and your character is you. Children shouldn’t be role playing, especially online, in my opinion if they aren’t able to differ between the two since they only end up hurting themselves. And then because they are young and immature they blame everyone else. It’s always everyone else who is the problem, but you know what kiddos? You’re wrong. You’re just too young and naive and one day in the future I hope you can look back and laugh at all this because a great deal of people are certainly getting a good laugh right now.
Grow up.
All that good stuff.

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